Oct 30, 2008
Dialup Change over is still progressing.

ALL EMAIL for SRNET and FMIS will stay with me for any one that wants to keep it.
The monthly price for email is $5.00 /per month, NOT 15.00 as mentioned in my first
letter.  The $15.00 will be for three months (the minimum payment).

All members will be starting with a clean slate with the new company. SRNET/FMIS
will refund any pre-paid fees directly to anyone that has pre-paid.

Any member that has pre-paid for services will be able to, get a refund of pre-paid
services, apply the pre-payment to the email service fees, or a combination of both.

You are not required to switch to the new company.  You may pick any dialup company
you want.  The company that is taking over provides me with the dialup services I offer.
We are on the same network and that is why the switch over should be seamless.

Very soon, all current members will receive a letter letting you all know what I
just mentioned above.

When this is all over with, sometime in Nov. or Dec. maybe we should all get
together and toast all the fun we had doing this for the past 12+ years.

Oct 20, 2008 I have a meeting this week to hopefully finalize things. It is taking longer than I expected so if nothing can be concluded by October 31 I will extend the cutoff date into November.
Sept 16, 2008 I have been contacted by another Internet company that is interested in taking over the dialup service for SRNET and FMIS. The change will be almost painless allowing you to keep the same dialup numbers and login name. The interested company has also expressed the willingness to take over the email for all of SRNET and FMIS giving you one place to call for your dialup and email issues. I am working out the details this week and will update this page with information as to what is going on